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Pump accessories on the choice of what should pay attention to?

Dec 21, 2017

The first point is to say, on the choice of pump parts, which is the same as the election pump, its type and performance is to pay attention to must be consistent with its device on the flow, head, pressure, temperature and its steam Etch flow and suction process parameters such as the requirements. Then, on the pump accessories is to pay attention to certain is to meet the characteristics of the media requirements.


For conveying corrosive media pumps, pump components and pump requirements for the flow components in terms of that will be used in the relevant corrosion-resistant materials.


For the delivery of solids containing solids pump, requiring its associated convection pump parts and components that is, we should pay attention to the use of wear-resistant materials, when the shaft seal used to say, that is, pay attention to certain is to use a cleaning liquid rinse. On the overall reliability of the machine is to pay attention must be higher, the noise is low, the vibration is also small.


When choosing a pump and its pump components, it is important to note that it is financially considered that the total cost of equipment and running costs, as well as their maintenance and management costs, should be kept at a minimum. Centrifugal pumps and pump accessories in terms of speaking, that is, it should be noted that the speed should be relatively high, smaller size.


As a result, the weight on the pump accessories will be lighter, the efficiency will be higher, the flow rate is also very large, then, in fact, we should pay attention to its structure is relatively simple, infusion There will be no pulsation, such pump parts all integrated into the pump parts, its performance is that it will appear more stable, easy to operate, it will be more convenient to repair.http://www.pump-casting.com