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Pump casting accessories assembly

Mar 17, 2018

The assembly of pump parts should pay attention to whether the quality of the pump parts during assembly will directly affect the normal operation of the pump equipment. After that, it will also affect the service life and performance parameters of the pump; it will affect the vibration and noise of the equipment. In view of the above points, when assembling the pump components, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects:


The concentricity of each component combination on the fixed part of the pump assembly is ensured by the part manufacturing accuracy and assembly quality. After that, it is necessary to pay attention to guarantee the machining accuracy of the part and its surface roughness, and it is not allowed to touch and plan. hurt. Molybdenum disulfide used as a sealant should be kept clean. The screws and bolts used for fastening should be kept uniform on the force.


The centering of the impeller outlet flow path on the pump fitting and the inlet flow path of the guide vane will in fact depend on the axial dimension of the parts to ensure. The neutrality of the flow path directly affects the performance of the pump, so the size of the pump cannot be arbitrarily adjusted. After the assembly of the pump is completed and no packing is installed, it is necessary to pay attention to turning the pump rotor by hand. Check whether the rotation of the pump rotor in the housing is flexible and whether the axial turbulence meets the specified requirements.


When the pump fittings are assembled, if the above inspection meets the requirements, the shaft seals at both ends of the pump must also be filled with packing. Note the relative position of the packing rings in the packing room.


Finally, the disassembly of the pump assembly after its assembly and use must be noted that the disassembly must be performed in the reverse order of the assembly. After disassembly, care should be taken to ensure that the manufacturing accuracy of the strictly protected parts is not impaired. Afterwards, when it is time to disassemble the penetrating rod, it is necessary to first padded each mid-section pad, and at this time, it is also possible to avoid sinking and bending the shaft after the loosening of each mid-section stop.http://www.pump-casting.com