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Pump fitting design features

Aug 09, 2018

In practical applications, considering the working conditions of various pump products, each pump fitting produced and processed should have good performance to meet the working requirements of the pump. In response to this requirement, after long-term research and verification analysis, engineers have optimized and improved the design optimization, fatigue analysis, strength analysis and material selection of pump parts.


In this way, at present, various pump accessory products can be seen in the market not only have a wide variety of types, but also have strong interchangeability of accessories, and can be customizedly supplied based on customer requirements, thereby facilitating the smooth progress of each on-site operation of the customer. The product is exquisitely designed and optimized for the internal cavity structure, effectively extending its service life.


In addition, the material selection for various pump accessories products is often combined with the application requirements to select high-quality materials for production, thus withstanding the test of high-pressure alternating load and corrosive environment. At the same time, these pump accessories are durable and durable, which effectively reduces downtime and maintenance frequency, and helps to increase customer productivity.http://www.pump-casting.com/