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Pump parts processing technology and requirements

Jan 06, 2019

For the analysis of the processing technology, it mainly involves the reasonable selection of the pump parts blank and the reasonable processing method. First, the selection of the blank should consider whether the blank manufacturing saves time and cost, whether the finished blank is easy to process, whether it is forged or cast. The processing of pump accessories should also take into account the selection of equipment.


That is to say, in the process of manufacturing and manufacturing the pump fittings, it is necessary to make use of the relevant surface and the hole axis of the part as much as possible to reduce the error, to meet the "positioning standard" principle, and to meet the requirements of the process and the simplification and simplification. As you should know, the various pump parts are actually the basic parts of the machine. The main function is to connect the shafts, sleeves and other related parts in the machine and parts into a whole and keep them in the proper position. Good work coordination between the components to meet the needs of the actual work.


Considering that the processing quality of the pump parts will directly affect the performance, accuracy and life of the pump body, the main requirement for the pump parts is that it should have sufficient rigidity and strength, as well as good sealing and heat dissipation.www.pump-casting.com