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Pump valve castings have adopted casting technology improvement measures

Apr 08, 2018

Pump valve castings have been widely used in many fields such as oil and gas exploration and liquid transportation in the process of designing. To a certain extent, it has made important contributions to the development of society. The casting industry of pump valve castings has high melting equipment. The ability to support the molten iron components of the pump castings and the stability of the sand mixing equipment. The valve castings have reduced the composition of molten iron by a variety of factors, such as coke, furnace type, air volume, and raw material conditions.

Pump valve castings have adopted casting technology improvement measures

1. Appropriately increase the carbon equivalent of the molten iron in the pump casting, and use the graphitized expansion to enhance the self-feeding ability of the material.

2. Ensure compactness of sand, increase sand strength, and promote self-feeding capacity of pump castings.

3. Blow off the loose sand in the cavity before closing and carefully inspect the cavity of the pump casting.

4. After casting on site, left unpoured pump body sand type, and the gating cup and outlet hole should be tightly covered to prevent loose sand from entering.

5. Clean the solid slag on the surface of molten iron before casting, increase the initial pouring temperature of molten iron, and reduce the tendency of molten iron to produce secondary oxidized slag. Pump castings are arranged as early as possible after pouring to reduce the use of linings for multiple uses. After a large number of lean slags are produced, for the pump body castings, for the overlap of the runners, combined with other parameters during the pouring, filter nets are placed at the entrance and exit, and the multi-piece lap-type fiber filter is improved to a single piece. Type to improve the slag blocking effect of the gating system.http://www.pump-casting.com/