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Pump valve fitting valve use characteristics and structural characteristics

Aug 25, 2018

For many pump and valve parts on the market, in order to select the most suitable valve products for the piping system, the user should first understand the characteristics of the valve, the parts used, and the medium in circulation. Secondly, according to the work Environment, choose a reasonable price, reliable quality of the valve; the last is to choose the valve should pay attention to.


The main function of the valve in the pump valve fitting is to control the fluid pipeline, that is, to realize the circulation of the medium of the pipeline, change the circulation of the medium, change the flow direction of the medium, and adjust the pressure and flow of the medium. To protect the normal operation of pipelines and equipment. For the water supply pipeline, the valves that are frequently used include gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, etc., and each valve can be classified into more categories according to its structural form.


The basic characteristics of the valve in the pump valve fittings mainly include two points, namely the use characteristics and structural characteristics. Its use characteristics determine the main performance and range of use of the valve. The structural characteristics determine the characteristics of the valve installation, maintenance, and maintenance methods.