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Reduction of defective index of pump valve casting and improvement of casting process

Oct 28, 2017

In the manufacturing and production process of the pump valve casting, in order to effectively ensure the goal of energy-saving and consumption reduction of the pump valve casting industry can be completed successfully, the waste heat should be recycled.Full use of the cupola waste heat can make the waste heat heat water and use for life, so that the waste heat recovery rate can be up to 80% to improve energy utilization.

The smelting equipment for the pump valve castings should be equipped with such equipment as smelting, refining, molding, core making, sand conditioning, cleaning and other equipment matching with the production capacity; The enterprises adopting sand casting technology need to be equipped with sand reclamation and waste sand recycling equipment. The cupola with hot air, water cooling and continuous operation is widely used. Eliminate old-fashioned and backward equipment with large energy consumption, and effectively reduce energy consumption.

The pump valve casting can reduce the defective index to a certain extent. According to calculation, the product rate of finished casting increases 1%, and the iron liquid of every ton can produce about 8 ~ l0kg high quality iron casting, which can reduce energy consumption about 1 ~ 2 %. From the reasons of waste reflected by the enterprise, mostly concentrated in the metal liquid flow, porosity, size, clean-up and other defects. It can improve the external conditions and filling ability, and use sand casting technology to improve the size accuracy of the valve casting and reduce the processing waste.

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The cupola of the pump valve casting can use the foundry coke fuel and be equipped the advanced equipment such as the microprocessor control and special high pressure centrifugal blower and other equipment. It uses the oxygen-enriched blast,preheating hot blast,dehumidified blast technology to realize the melting energy-saving.To promote the double melting process of cupola one electric furnace, using the advanced equipment such as feeding machine, charging primary heater unit to reduce the feeding time, shorten the melting cycle, improve the productivity of intermediate frequency electric furnace and reduce energy consumption, especially in high power density medium frequency furnace.

While maintaining the status of a big casting producer , China's casting technology has also been improved rapidly, gradually to the goal of powerful castings country.Although this road is still very long. At present, the application of new foundry technology and new technology in our country is mainly manifested in: the number of advanced molding line and core-making center  is more and more. The resin sand technology has been widely used, cast steel VOD smelting, lost foam casting, computer simulation technology, rapid prototyping technology application and so on.

The rapid development of the pump valve castings is mainly due to the strict requirements for the quality of the export pump valve castings and the rapid increase in domestic demand for high-quality castings, such as the rapid development of the automotive industry, the rise of wind power industry and so on.

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