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Requirements for the use of valves for pump accessories

Jun 25, 2018

In addition to having sufficient strength and rigidity, the requirements for the use of the valve of the pump fitting also require a simple structure, good processability, and easy maintenance. Moreover, the operating performance requirements for the valve of the pump accessory are mainly strict, light, fast, and low in resistance.


The reason why close tightness is required is mainly because if the valve of the pump fitting is not closed tightly in practical work, the volumetric efficiency will be reduced, and the self-priming ability of the pump will be deteriorated, or even the self-priming will not be possible at all. The sealability is mainly ensured by the machining accuracy of the valve and the valve seat and the quality of the contact surface. When the contact surface is severely leaked due to flaws or uneven wear, it is necessary to re-grind or replace the new valve.


Of course, during the operation of the pump, it is necessary to ensure that the valves of each pump fitting are lightly impacted when they are closed, and the work is silent. And opening and closing quickly and timely, thereby reducing the delay when closing. At the same time, the resistance of the pump valve is small. This not only improves the hydraulic efficiency of the pump, but also has a low resistance to the suction valve and helps to increase the pump's allowable suction vacuum. http://www.pump-casting.com/