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Resin sand castings on mold requirements

Aug 28, 2017

Compared with the clay sand, the appearance quality of the resin sand casting depends on the quality of the mold, so the resin sand on the mold quality requirements are higher. Mold technology to make it better to adapt to the needs of resin sand molding, mainly in the following areas:

Processing allowance: After the hardened resin sand casting has good stiffness and high dimensional accuracy, and is not easy to deformation, so the choice of process parameters, you can choose a smaller machining allowance, thereby reducing the consumption of metal solution And the cost of machining, which can improve the dimensional accuracy of the casting.

Draft angle: resin sand in the mold has a certain degree of hardening strength, the smaller concession, the greater the friction, if the use of percussion method from the mold, easy to damage the mold, while the resin sand can be poor , From the mold, if damaged, more difficult to repair. The use of resin sand molding, should be based on the actual production and product structure to increase the mold drawing angle, can smooth from the mold, get the quality of the market with the casting product appearance quality requirements continue to improve, resin sand casting on the quality Advantages, will increasingly receive attention, resin sand casting production process, will also be rapid development and popularization.

The surface roughness of the mold: The roughness of the mold surface plays a decisive role in the surface roughness of the resin sand castings, so as far as possible to reduce the surface roughness of the mold, it is an important measure to obtain high quality castings.