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Stainless steel precision casting process characteristics and production requirements

Stainless steel precision casting is a way of casting stainless steel and is also a kind of precision casting, but this type of material will be more stable and more mature. Stainless steel precision casting in the craftsmanship is a silica sol process. Compared to other casting methods, stainless steel precision casting is a less cutting or no cutting of the casting process. After forming, some of the casting can be used directly and in the history of casting process, it is a more classic of a technology.

Stainless steel precision casting is very extensive in industrial production applications. And silica sol technology in the field of industrial production is very extensive, which is inseparable from its advantages. On the one hand, the silica sol process is able to adapt to varieties of materials and various types of process casting. On the other hand, castings which use this technique are higher in terms of dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other conditions than other casting methods.

It is precisely because of the advantages of the above series, this will make stainless steel precision casting which in the present has very good prospects for development get a lot of manufacturers of all ages. Not only that, due to the precision casting of stainless steel in the overall processing technology are part of the field of precision casting, So all the advantages of all precision casting are equally applicable. Stainless steel precision casting in the field of industrial production and processing applications is more and more widely used. 

There are many kinds of stainless steel precision casting process, and each casting method has a different process and technique, so that it can adapt to different parts. The main parts include the thickness of the castings, shape and weight, etc. So it should be based on the characteristics of different castings to choose the appropriate casting process. 

As a result of the use of internal sand core, live block appearance, gasified pattern and other special modeling technology and other favorable conditions, sand precision casting can produce more complex shape of the casting; The size and weight of the castings are almost unlimited. Casting weight is generally tens of grams to several hundred kilograms; Sand casting has a certain limit on the minimum wall thickness.

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