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Structural design advantages of pump accessories throttle valve

Nov 12, 2018

As one of the pump accessories, the main function of the throttle valve is to control the flow of the fluid by changing the throttle section or the throttle length. Pump accessories throttle valve is widely used in food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, environmental protection, papermaking and other transport pipelines for medium cut or regulated flow.


Pump fittings Throttle valves are available in different types to suit different job requirements. The product structure is advanced in design and therefore has the following advantages:

1. The structure is simple, so processing and maintenance are convenient;

2. The performance is stable and reliable, the working stroke is small, and the opening and closing time is short;

3, good sealing, small friction between sealing surfaces, long life;

4, pump accessories throttle valve body can be used in different structural forms, such as straight-through, direct-flow and right-angle. Among them, the straight-through type is the most common structure, but its fluid has the greatest resistance. DC fluid resistance is small, and it is mostly used for fluids containing solid particles or high viscosity. The right-angled valve body is mostly forged and is suitable for small through-flow, high-pressure throttle valves.https://www.pump-casting.com/