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Structural optimization of pump castings end caps

Oct 27, 2018

In practical applications, oil leakage at the end of the pump castings is a relatively common fault. Typically, deep water pump end cap sealing materials are sealed with wool felt. Because the wool felt has a certain water absorption performance, it is not ideal for the water pump bearing end cover oil seal, especially in the maintenance assembly, the pump shaft is easy to displace the felt.


Therefore, after the new felt is changed, the problem of oil leakage often occurs in a short period of time, which affects the use of the water pump. In particular, this problem has been improved. The standard part skeleton rubber seal is used to seal the rotating shaft. After several years of use, the effect is very good, thus successfully solving the wool felt for the pump castings end cover. Seal the problem of oil leakage.


The specific improvement method is: in the process of processing, the pump castings end cover is specially processed on the machine tool to install a groove of the oil seal. Pay attention to the concentricity during processing. As for the specific size of the groove, it needs to be determined according to the pump shaft.http://www.pump-casting.com/