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Surface gloss and inner quality of alloy steel castings.

May 07, 2018

Alloy steel castings in a certain extent has incomparable advantage over other castings, such as the quality of its products light, corrosion resistance, and the advantages of the beautiful, so you can make alloy steel castings is favored by its users, its products has been very widely used in automobile industry.

Alloy steel castings when use the density will be smaller than cast iron and cast steel, when making use of the strength is higher, because under the same load conditions are adopted by the alloy steel castings, thus can effectively reduce the weight of the structure, so in the aviation industry and machinery and transport machinery, alloy steel castings has been widely used.

Alloy steel castings with very good surface gloss, so love the atmosphere and the fresh water has its good corrosion resistance, so the civilian vessels in the process of manufacturing, has a wide range of USES, pure aluminium in oxidizing acids such as nitric acid and acetic acid medium with good corrosion resistance, thus aluminum castings have some use in the chemical industry. Pure aluminium and aluminium alloy with good thermal conductivity, in the heat exchange device used in the chemical production, and has good thermal performance required in the machinery parts, such as internal combustion engine cylinder cover and piston, also suitable for made from aluminum alloy.

Alloy steel castings in the process of production in order to improve its inner quality of casting, the surface is bright and clean degree, dimensional accuracy and production efficiency, such as aluminum alloy, because of the large latent heat of solidification under the condition of the same weight, the solidification process of liquid aluminum time continue much longer than cast steel and cast iron, good liquidity, casting thin wall and complex castings.

Alloy steel castings in a certain extent with its many advantages, make it become the development direction of the casting industry and one of the most popular casting products procurement customers, along with the progress of the aluminum alloy casting technology in the future, it will be on a bigger stage to show their elegant demeanor. The requirements of automobile for alloy steel castings are developed in the direction of thin wall, complex shape, high strength and high quality. In order to meet this requirement, the casting process should be further optimized and the development of new alloy materials should be carried out.http://www.pump-casting.com/