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Talk about pump valve accessories technical personnel and pump valve market development prospect

May 17, 2018

Pump valve accessories are the general designation of pump and valve accessories. Valves not used for pumps or valves with pumps. In fact, the reason that pumps and valves are often connected is because of the use, where there is a pump where there is usually a valve, where there is a valve where the pump is needed. They are all used for liquid delivery. However, valves are also used in gases. Vacuum pumps are also associated with gases.

Speaking of pump valve accessories and technical personnel, is the lack of social comparison, because for such talent demand is higher, this volume is to ensure that the pump valve accessories on quality can be guaranteed.

Simply put, the first step of the pump valve parts quality assurance, is the related technical personnel should possess a mechanical and electrical integration, automation instrument professional, college or above degree, major in English, computer skill is required; Should also pay attention to the good control valve after the professional technical ability, for three consecutive years engaged in the valve factory production, research and development, technology management work experience, familiar with the product development process and the domestic and international relevant design standards, familiar with mechanical manufacturing process. On the basis of this, we can guarantee the next step of the pump valve accessories technology.

Next, speaking of pump valve accessories market development, in view of the present market in urgent need of the integration of innovative centrifugal pump, large flow efficient reciprocating oil field injection water pump pump products, such as high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection feature of our country and related manufacturers should be actively developed, this can not only meet the needs of the users, but also for enterprises to create new profit growth point.

Is produced after the pump valve assembly of the pump valve equipment accessories, has a large flow, high discharge pressure, wide performance, high efficiency, long life and high reliability of the efficient mass flow, the characteristics of this product to a large extent will have replaced the traditional equipment, lower operation efficiency of pump valve for oil fields to reduce the production cost, has important practical significance. This is actually the question that market development needs to consider.