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Technical requirements and design conditions for pump valve accessories

Jan 05, 2019

The technical requirements for pump valve accessories mainly include dimensional accuracy requirements, surface roughness requirements and assembly requirements. The dimensional accuracy mainly includes the dimensional accuracy requirements of the two matching holes of the inner diameter. The surface roughness requirement mainly includes the surface roughness accuracy requirements of the inner diameter and the two mating holes, and the surface anodization of the pump body parts is required to be changed.


The assembly requirements mainly include the flatness and surface roughness accuracy requirements of the assembly reference surface and the positioning reference surface that should be satisfied during the installation of the pump valve fittings. Usually, the pump parts need to know some data before processing. For example, whether the blank is manufactured by forging or casting, its mechanical properties, how to determine the shape and size, and determining the surface roughness of each surface, hole and shaft according to the design requirements parallelism, etc.


Pump valve fittings are usually produced in volume, so forged blanks are available. Forgings provide a more accurate rough reference for processing. Forgings have high precision, good surface quality and mechanical properties, and are suitable for mass production.www.pump-casting.com