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The cause and control of vibration of pneumatic diaphragm pump in pump parts

There are many reasons for the vibration of the pneumatic diaphragm pump in the pump parts, and in this case, some of the vibration generation is almost impossible to avoid.This requests us to dispose of the water pump vibration problem in addition to water pump manufacturing technology to strengthen itself, to reduce the vibration amplitude, by feed water pump installation of rubber vibration isolator, the spring vibration isolator, sui base, that will become an important method of pump parts vibration control.

In the pump parts, for the pneumatic diaphragm pump produces vibration control ,first we need to attach the spring vibration isolator, which is to pay attention to the selection of the diaphragm pump spring vibration isolator style.

In general, the vibration of the pump parts should be controlled by self-supporting spring shock absorber. Its advantages are simple in structure and low in cost.Spring exposed, so that we will be convenient to observe the spring state at any time, for spring should advance disposal need to be replaced, in order to avoid excessive spring corrosion damage caused when the water pump equipment damage caused by sudden subsidence and line break .

The key point to control both governance vibration produced by pump parts of pneumatic diaphragm pump is the choices of spring: normally shock absorber manufacturers choose spring need to meet spring diameter not less than 0.8 times the height of the under rated load.The spring must have a certain extra stroke, and the vortex flowmeter should be at least 50% of the rated static deflection;The horizontal stiffness of the spring is at least 100% of the rigidity steel, which can guarantee the stability of the shock absorber.

Another point to control both governance vibration produced by pump parts of pneumatic diaphragm pump is the choices of spring damper’s deflection: normally shock absorber manufacturers offer arch spring damper rated deflection (rated compression spring quantity) should be 25 mm (from frequency values about 3-4 hz), the deflection generally applied to nearly 650 revolutions per minute of the pump vibration isolation.The rotating speed is less than 650, and the spring shock absorber with below 40 deflection should be used.http://www.pump-casting.com/