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The defect formation of the wear-resistant casting can be solved according to the cause

Oct 27, 2017

【Summary】The defects of wear-resistant casting are carbon black defects, which are caused by the high carbon content in the nodular cast iron grinding ball on the wear-resisting casting. In general, the above defects will appear when the C% of the grinding ball is 3. 3 % ~ 3.8 %.

When it comes to the solution of carbon black defect in wear-resistant casting, the coating with good wettability or air permeability should be used when the pouring is in accordance with the molding conditions. When pouring, it is necessary to increase the amount of sucking rate and use the foamable polymethylacrylic acid formic ester resin bead EPMMA material. In view of this, the amount of the pattern binder should be strictly controlled so as to effectively prevent the formation of carbon black.

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The appearance of inclusion and slag inclusion in the wear resistance casting is due to the high content of residual magnesium in the nodular cast iron, which will directly improve the formation temperature of the oxide film on the surface of the nodular cast iron. At a higher temperature, the oxide film will be formed, and the molten iron will have the second oxidization to form slag inclusion.

The base iron with high sulphur content generates more sulfide(MgS、Ce3S4、CeS).Therefore, it will promote the formation of inclusions.

In order to solve the inclusion and slag inclusion of the wear-resistant casting, the pouring temperature should be guaranteed more than 1300 ℃. In this way, the inclusions will gather up and float, which will be easy to remove.

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