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The development and improvement of the technical level of pump valve casting

Jun 12, 2018

During the process of manufacturing the pump valve, the riser will be effectively determined according to the module, and when it is operated, it will be effectively calculated according to the process yield and the effective feeding distance. No internal cold production rate is generally 50%, cold iron is generally 62%. Note For safety, special attention should be paid to the strength and gas outlet of the core. Insulating risers and insulating agents should be used. Ladder runners are generally used. If a buffer runner can be used for flaw detection, the runners are generally Φ100 and the pouring speed is maximized. The weight of the cast iron is 3 to 5 times the cast weight.

To a certain extent, the pump valve casting needs to effectively ensure that the alloy has a good exhaust retracting ability, so that it can effectively create its sequential approach conditions, to a certain extent, to increase its density, and generally the casting temperature will be high, The ingot casting temperature of 350mm or more is generally 730~750°C.

The development and improvement of the technical level of pump valve casting

1. To some extent, develop its simulation technology, so that it can improve the accuracy of its prediction to a certain extent, effectively strengthen the control of its process, and increase its yield.

2. In combination with the research and development of pumps and valves, to a certain extent, in addition to the enhancement of innovation consciousness and the improvement of research and development capabilities, the independent innovation of the company to a certain extent needs to pay attention to and strengthen the “precision casting enterprise as the main body” to some extent. Combining production, learning and research.

3. Emphasis on material development. Material is the foundation of industry.

4. Pay attention to the improvement of equipment technology.

Pump valve casting to a certain extent, strictly control the process, so you can ensure that before the box, to ensure that the appearance and the sand core is with a temperature condition, to ensure the liquidity of the liquid pouring, the mold surface treatment clean, that is, appearance After brushing with a sandpaper, brush the nitro-paint. Use a metal or plastic mold for the high-precision casting to improve the appearance of the mold.

The wall thickness of the pump valve casting will, to a certain extent, be due to the rapid heat dissipation of the metal type, so the minimum wall thickness of the product should be larger than that of the sand-type forged casting, and various forged alloys, not the same as the smallest forging wall thick. http://www.pump-casting.com/