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The guiding principle, developmental aim and power-saving requirements of the precision casting

Oct 26, 2017

In the process of making the precision casting, using the o optimal design and optimized process to improve the technology product yield of the precision casting parts. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the precision casting, it can effectively change the gating system. If the export rate can be increased from 60 % to 70 %, then the energy consumption can reduce 14.3 %.

Precision casting effectively uses the high compacted molding machine and modern coremaking technology. It can reduce the quality of the casting as much as possible, and effectively reduce the finishing allowance. The practice proved that high pressure molding can make the casting quality reduces 3 % - 5 %than manual modeling and ordinary machine modeling. The machining allowance can also be maintained at 2 - 3 mm. Reducing weight not only makes the precision casting workshop energy-saving, but also reduces the energy consumption of subsequent processing.

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Precision casting is the leader of foundry industry in the world, and can be used as the representative of foundry industry in high-tech field. Products in the working process  have to play its model and lead role. Precision casting itself is very strong, so China's precision casting should be given priority. Development needs the established guiding principle and aim.

In the development process of precision casting, the effective completion of the transformation from labor, resource-intensive to technology capital - intensive. The quality, variety and quantity of the products are equivalent to the advanced level of the world. The proportion of high-quality materials increases rapidly. The production efficiency and economic benefits of the whole precision casting factory have multiplied. The environmental pollution is effectively treated, and the China foundry material industry system, which is in harmony with the environment, is preliminarily established.

The precision casting manufacturers will form some university-industry cooperation research and development and education training bases with the reasonable structure and high overall level, which can continuously supply professional talents to the enterprise, and constantly develop high quality, high grade  new casting materials, to meet the growing demand for casting materials, and gradually increase the strength of technology exports.

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