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The machining process and accurate dimensional requirement of the pump valve casting

The casting process of the pump valve is mainly to pour molten metal liquid into the mold, and then obtain the parts with required shape and performance after cooling solidification.

The requirements of the quality, precision and casting cost are continuously improving. The casting technology is developing towards precision, automation, large-scale, high quality and clean. In recent years, China has developed rapidly in continuous casting technology, precision casting technology and special casting technology.

In the producing process of the pump valve casting, the technological process of the investment moulding is complex, and there are many factors influencing the size precision of the casting, such as the linear changes of the shell in the process of heating and cooling, the contraction percentage of the alloy and the deformation of the casting during solidification.


In the process of fusible pattern injection, the pump valve can effectively use the high surface finish of the cavity surface, so the surface finish of the investment mould is also relatively high. In addition, the shell is made of special binder and refractory material with high temperature resistance and is smeared on the investment mould , and the surface finish of the cavity directly contacted with molten metal is high.

The biggest advantage of investment moulding is that because of the high dimensional precision and surface finish, it can reduce the mechanical processing work, only require a little machining allowance on the part with higher requirements. Even some casting can only be polished without machining.

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