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The main components of the mechanical seal of the pump valve fittings

Jan 10, 2019

Pump valve fittings should generally ensure good sealing and can be mechanically sealed. Mechanical seals, also known as end-face contact seals, are formed by a set of sealed sealing faces that form a dynamic seal. Mechanical seals consist of different components, first the dynamic sealing element, the moving ring and the stationary ring.


The moving ring rotates together with the pump shaft, the static ring is fixed in the gland, and the anti-rotation pin is used to prevent it from rotating, and the moving ring is sealed with the end surface of the static ring for sealing. The commonly used materials for static rings are graphite, tetrafluoroethylene, ceramics, and moving rings are alloy steel, hard alloy, tetrafluoroethylene, and the like. The auxiliary sealing element of the mechanical seal of the pump valve fitting includes the sealing ring (O-type or V-type) used for each static sealing point.


Pumping parts The pressing elements in the mechanical seal mainly consist of a spring and a push ring. The transmission element is usually referred to as a spring seat and a key or a set screw. The main sealing point of the mechanical seal is the pressing surface of the moving ring and the stationary ring. The two ends are relatively moved, and the smoothness is high, which prevents the passage of the fluid. The pressing surface forms a liquid film by the leaking liquid, which can play a lubricating role.www.pump-casting.com