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The main problems and design requirements of pump valve casting design

Mar 21, 2018

The wall thickness of the valve castings is complex, and the type of the cavity is complex. The inner cavity needs the characteristics of core formation. The entire product is mainly used to simulate the optimization of the casting process parameters during the filling and solidification process of the casting using solidification simulation technology. Iron castings for valve castings.

The valve casting production line adopts iron-free precision signal transmission technology, iron-type heating system, high-efficiency hydraulic cleaning system, modular control system, independent circulating gating system, etc., and realizes the automated and flexible production of cast iron type sand-covered castings for pump valves. .

The structural design of the pump valve castings, to a certain extent, to effectively ensure its performance and mechanical performance requirements, to a certain extent, consider the casting process and alloy casting performance requirements of the casting structure, casting structure design is reasonable or not, the quality of the castings , productivity and its cost have a great impact.

The main problems and design requirements of pump valve casting design

1. Thermal performance and thermal deformation issues. The friction and heat of the parts inside the box changes the viscosity of the lubricating oil, affecting its lubricating performance; the temperature rise causes the box to generate thermal deformation, especially the thermal deformation and thermal stress in which the temperature is unevenly distributed, and has great accuracy and strength for the box. influences.

2. The structure design is reasonable. For example, the arrangement of the fulcrum, the layout of the ribs, the position of the opening, and the design of the connection structure should all be conducive to improving the strength and rigidity of the box.

3. Craftsmanship is good. Including rough manufacturing, machining and heat treatment, assembly adjustment, installation and fixation, lifting and transportation, maintenance and repair and other aspects of the process.

4. Good shape and low quality.http://www.pump-casting.com