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The output of the pump valve casting is in the increasing trend and matters need attention of casting

While maintaining the status of great casting nation, the casting technology has been improved rapidly in China. In recent years, the application of filtration technology in casting development is developing very fast. This technology has a significant effect on reducing the inclusion and porosity defects, improving the mechanical properties and processing performance of the pump valve casting, and has achieved more and more attention from the foundry enterprises.

Matters need attention when casting the pump valve casting

1.In the early stage of pouring, especially in the instant of metal liquid initial contact with foam plastics, because of the large amount of gas produced by the gasification of the pattern materials, when the static pressure head of the metal liquid is less than the gas pressure of the polystyrene decomposition product, the pouring of the metal liquid is easy to cause the choking fire phenomenon, so that the metal liquid will splash. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the first trickle slow pouring method can be adopted at the beginning stage of casting. After the pouring system is filled with metal liquid, the pouring speed will be increased, but the gate cup is filled with metal without overflow as the criterion. In the late stage of the casting, when the metal liquid reaches the top of the pattern or the root of the riser, the package should be slightly collected to keep the metal rising steadily and without causing the metal to rush out of the riser.

2. As far as possible, choose the bottom pouring ladle. The heat loss of the bottom injection metal liquid is small, the pressure head is large, the pouring speed is fast, the slag is floating on the surface of the metal liquid, and the pouring liquid steel is relatively clean. Due to equipment conditions, some requirements are not high or general medium and small machine tool castings can also be used for subcontract pouring.

3. The pouring process cannot be interrupted. When the valve casting is cast, the metal liquid must be continuously injected until the casting mould is full. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the cold shut defect of the entire plane of the casting at the pause.

The output of the pump valve casting is in the increasing trend

1. Due to the development of die casting industry in the world, the demand of pump valve castings is increasing in various industries. At the same time, because of the trend of global economic integration, the global focus of die casting production gradually transferred to China. In addition, China has a unique advantage of labor and aluminum resources, there is no doubt that the rapid development of die casting industry will appear.

2. With automobile lightweight trend in the lead, the global market of pump valve casting has a huge demand. With the internal optimization and upgrading of the automotive industry in recent years, the aluminum casting is gradually taking the place of gray iron castings, constantly stimulating the increasing demand for the pump valve castings.

In recent years, with the improvement of casting technology and the improvement of casting quality in China, the pump valve casting industry of our country is more and more recognized and approved by foreign enterprises. There are new casting orders incessantly coming, the casting industry overseas trade of our country is also developing rapidly.http://www.pump-casting.com/