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The program structure of CNC finishing and the requirement for operating workers are reduced

Jun 11, 2018

Numerical control precision machining does not require manual control of the tool during operation, and to a certain degree its degree of automation is high, so the benefits that can be brought about are very obvious.


CNC machining reduces operator requirements

An ordinary machine tool senior engineer, to a certain extent, can not be cultivated in a short time, to a certain extent, CNC machine tools in the CNC machined parts than the average worker in the traditional machine tool processing parts of high precision, time To save. Reduce the labor intensity of workers: CNC workers are excluded from the processing process most of the time in the processing process, and they are very labor-saving.

In the process of machining, CNC finishing products are of stable quality and the automation of their equipment processing. This can effectively eliminate labor fatigue, carelessness, estimation and other human error of workers on ordinary machine tools to a certain extent. consistency.

CNC machining has high processing efficiency. The entire equipment is capable of automatic tool change and makes the processing process compact. This can increase its labor productivity. By changing the program, new parts can be processed on the CNC machine tool, and Automatic operation, good flexibility and high efficiency, so CNC machine tools can adapt to market competition.


CNC machining program structure

The block of numerical control finishing can effectively be used as a unit to process the continuous block to a certain extent. The device is actually a segment of the program in the NC machining program. The main part of the part processing program consists of several blocks. Most program segments are used to instruct the machine to complete or perform an action. Blocks consist of size words, non-size words, and block end instructions. When writing and printing, each program segment generally occupies one line, as does the screen display program.

After the NC machined program start character, it is generally exclusive. There are two types of program names: One is the start of a specified English word (Multiple O) followed by several digits. The maximum allowable number of digits is specified by the specification. Commonly two digits and four digits are used. This form of program name can also be referred to as a program number.http://www.pump-casting.com/