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The purpose and structure principle of valve fitting V-type ball valve

Dec 30, 2018

The valve fitting V-type ball valve is tightly closed, wherein the edge of the valve core is V-shaped, and a V-shaped opening is arranged on the ball body. With the rotation of the ball, the flow adjustment can be performed using the change of the intermediate opening area, and the fluid can be cut off. It is closed with impurities and is suitable for the control of pulp, mortar and viscous fluid.


Since the valve fitting V-shaped ball valve is provided with a V-shaped edge in the structure, the effect of blocking impurities can be achieved. During the rotation of the sphere, the V-shaped knife edge of the sphere is tangent to the valve seat, thereby cutting off the fibers and solid matter in the fluid, and the general ball valve does not have this function, so it is easy to cause the fiber impurities to jam when closed, for maintenance and Maintenance brings great inconvenience.


In comparison, the use of a valve fitting V-ball valve is highly advantageous for fluid conditions in which the fluid material is fibrous. The spool of the V-ball valve is not caught by the fiber. In addition, thanks to the flange connection, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, requires no special tools, and is easy to maintain and maintain.www.pump-casting.com