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The pursuit of miniaturization and reliability of ultra-precision machining

Mar 28, 2018

The development strategy of China's precision machining or ultra-precision machining has been mature for decades. No matter whether it is a precision machine tool, a diamond tool, or a precision machining process, a complete set of precision manufacturing technology systems has been formed to promote machinery manufacturing. To lay the foundation for higher levels of development.

Nowadays, with the continuous changes of the times, the super-finishing technology is constantly being updated, and its processing precision is constantly improving. The research focus of each country is different, but the factors that promote the development of ultra-precision machining are essentially Are the same.

1. The continuous development of superfinishing is mainly due to the market's pursuit of high quality products. In order to make the magnetic disk storage density higher or the optical performance of the lens better, we must obtain a surface with a lower roughness. In order for the functions of electronic components to function properly, it is required that the processed surface be free of residual layers.

2. The pursuit of ultra-precision machining for miniaturization of products, to a certain extent, with the improvement of machining accuracy is the reduction of the size of engineering components The high integration of electronic circuits requires reducing the surface roughness of silicon wafers and improving the accuracy of the circuit exposure lens Precision of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The miniaturization of components means that the ratio of surface area to volume is increasing, and the surface quality and integrity of the workpiece are becoming more and more important.

3. The pursuit of ultra-precision machining for products with high reliability. During the operation, parts such as bearing are subjected to relative motion while under load, reducing the surface roughness can improve the wear resistance of the parts and improve their working stability. ,Extended service life.

4. The market's pursuit of high-performance processing products, the increase in the accuracy of the mechanism movement, is conducive to slow down the fluctuation of mechanical properties, reduce vibration and noise. For machines that require high tightness, such as internal combustion engines, good surface roughness reduces leakage and reduces losses.http://www.pump-casting.com/