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The selection of foundry method of the pump valve casting and the automatization of the core making

Oct 17, 2017

The pump valve casting is an acute exothermic reaction, which is caused by inspiring the zinc oxide smog with high dispersion produced in the melting process of the cooper. It needs to strengthen the obturation in the operation of melting and casting. The local exhaust dust removal equipment should be installed to recover zinc oxide. Strengthening the general ventilation and wearing the smoke mask can be used as supplementary measures. The molding and the core are based on the casting process requirements, determining the modeling method, and preparing the modeling materials.

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The precision of the pump valve casting and the economic effect of the whole production process are mainly decided by this process. In many modern foundry workshops, the shape and the core are realized mechanization and automation. The common sand molding core making equipment has high, medium and low pressure molding machine. 

The pump valve casting is taken from the self pouring cooling mold, with the sprue, flash groove, metal burr and fin. The sand casting also adheres the sand, so it must be cleaned. The equipment for this kind of work include  This kind of work equipment has the polishing machine, the shot blasting machine, the gate and riser cutting machine and so on.

When the pump valve casting selects the foundry method, it should be considered as much as possible to create convenient conditions for the cleaning of sand. Because of special requirements, some castings need to have post treatment of casting, such as heat treatment, shaping, antirust treatment and so on.

The relatively economical blank formation method in the pump valve casting can show its economy in the complex shape parts, to a certain extent, such as the cylinder block and cylinder head of the automobile engine, marine propeller and exquisite works of art.

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