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The use of water accessory centrifugal pump

Jan 12, 2018

According to the principle of pump, we can know that when the water pump is equipped with a centrifugal pump in the accessories, the impeller can revolve to realize continuous absorbing water and pressing water, water will continuously from lower uplift to high or far away.In general, the centrifugal pump in the water pump accessories is driven by centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the impeller.It is vital importance to the pump.

Use of water pump accessory centrifugal pump : water along the flow direction of the centrifugal pump, actually also is along the axial suction impeller, perpendicular to the axial flow.By this time the in and out  of flow becomes 90 ° in the direction,at the same time,Without interference, the pressure is also greater.

Use of water pump accessory centrifugal pump:Since the centrifugal pump forms a vacuum suction through the inlet of the impeller, we need to pay attention to the infusion of water in the pump and the suction pipe before starting, or vacuum pump,The purpose of this is to exhaust the air in order to form a vacuum. The pump shell and suction pipeline must be tightly sealed to ensure that the air is not leaking.Otherwise, if there is no vacuum, it will not be able to absorb water.So our water pumps can't work.

Use of water pump accessory centrifugal pump:since impeller imports may not form a absolute vacuum environment, at that time, which would require the centrifugal pump suction height should not exceed 10 m, plus water flow through the suction line of the path loss, actually allow installation height ( the height of the suction surface drawn by the pump axis.) should not exceed 10 meters further on.

The installation of water pump accessory centrifugal pump is too high, and there will be no water absorption.In addition, because the mountains than plain and low gas pressure, this time for the same water pump (especially in the high mountains) for installation in the mountains, the water pump installation height should be lowered, or  the water pump accessory centrifugal pump what we used will have no water absorption conditions.So be careful to avoid these situations when installing and applying them.http://www.pump-casting.com/