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Use of expansion joints in pump parts

Jan 02, 2018

Expansion joints in pump parts, that is, are called expansion joints, expansion joints, compensators, expansion joints. And on the expansion of the pump parts in accordance with the material that is, will be divided into steel expansion device, rubber expansion device, stainless steel expansion device. And in a certain range of expansion joints that is able to be axial telescopic, but also can be a certain angle to overcome the pipe but not the same axial offset.

The use of such pump parts play a role, that is, it can greatly facilitate the installation and removal of the valve pipe, then, in fact, we should also pay attention to its pipeline in the allowable amount of expansion which is free to achieve Telescopic, once it crossed the maximum amount of expansion required by the product will play a limit, this time, that is, to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.


About expansion joints, that is, pumps, valves, pipes and other equipment and pipelines when the new product, this time, it is itself will be bolted to connect them, make it as a whole, and on the other hand In fact, we actually need to pay attention to itself that there will be some displacement, easy installation, can withstand the pipeline axial pressure.


Such pump parts, in the installation and maintenance, it is to a large extent, that is, according to the size of the site to be adjusted to carry out the work, not only can improve the efficiency of work, and on the other On the one hand, for the pump, valve and other pipeline equipment is concerned, it will play a protective role.