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Valve fitting stem head bending and bending reasons and treatment measures

Dec 14, 2018

During the use of the valve fitting valve stem, due to some factors, the valve stem and the mating female thread may be damaged or the stem tip may be broken and the valve stem may be bent. One of the main reasons for this is that the operation is improper, the switch is too strong, the limit device is out of order, and the over-torque protection is not working.


In addition, if the thread is improperly fitted, such as too loose or too tight, or too many times of operation, too long use time may cause the valve stem of the valve fitting to break and bend. The main measures for the damage of the valve stem and the mating thread of the valve stem or the breakage of the valve stem and the bending of the valve stem are as follows:

1, reasonable operation, to ensure that the strength is appropriate, remember not to use too much force;

2. Check the limit device connected to the valve stem of the valve fitting and the over-torque protection device to ensure good condition;

3. Select the appropriate materials and the assembly tolerances meet the requirements;

4. Replace the spare parts.http://pump-casting.com/