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Valve fitting valve welding

Sep 21, 2018

When the valve fitting valve is installed, the valve should be in the fully open position during the preheating and welding process. Otherwise, during the welding process, the valve ball of the ball valve and the gate of the gate valve will be stained with welding slag. These attached weld slags can scratch the seat seal, causing leakage inside the valve and, in severe cases, valve failure.


Secondly, the valves of the valve fittings must be supported on their respective bases or supported separately. After the valve is welded, if the valve needs to be turned, the grease should be filled with a manual grease gun. Confirm that the drain outlet and drain port are closed. Usually there is no directionality when installing the ball valve, but attention should be paid to the position of the operating side.


It should be noted that some ball valve valves should be considered for their directionality when installed. They should be directional when installed. Therefore, they should be installed according to the arrow mark on the valve body and cannot be reversed. In practical applications, if it is installed in reverse, it may even cause an accident, so you should pay attention to this and ensure correct installation.http://www.pump-casting.com/