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Valve fittings seal ring common fault and treatment method

Jun 07, 2018

At present, there are a wide variety of valve fittings on the market, and the number of models is very good, which satisfies the requirements of different users. In practical applications, we also need to maintain it to ensure that all kinds of valve accessories perform well and are used normally.


As a kind of valve fitting, the sealing ring plays a very important role in the operation of the equipment in practical applications. In the production process, we may encounter the problem of leakage at the seal joint. So do you know why this happened? If you encounter such a problem, how can you solve it properly? Together below to understand the specific content.


Let us first analyze the main reasons for this situation. Based on the analysis of practical applications, in fact, the main reasons for leaks in the seals of valve fittings include several aspects: 1. The sealing ring is not tightly pressed; 2. The sealing ring and the body are welded, and the quality of the build-up welding is poor; Sealing ring connection thread, screws, pressure ring loose; 4, the seal ring is connected and eroded.


Therefore, in the work, we need to conduct a corresponding inspection to confirm the specific reasons, and then take targeted measures. If it is due to the leakage of the seal at the seal of the valve fitting, then the adhesive must be pressed and fixed. If necessary, the sealing ring shall be re-welded in accordance with the welding specification. If the surfacing cannot repair the welding, the original surfacing and processing shall be removed. If it is found that there is obvious corrosion problem on the sealing ring connection surface, it can be repaired by grinding, bonding, etc. If the damage is serious, it is recommended to replace the sealing ring in time.


If, after inspection, the assembly is confirmed to be a problem, it is necessary to remove the screw, press the ring to clean, replace the damaged valve fitting, grind the sealing surface of the seal and connection seat, and reassemble. For some valve parts with large corrosion damage, they can be repaired by welding, bonding, etc. If they cannot be repaired, they should be replaced with new ones in time.http://www.pump-casting.com/