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Valve selection of pump valve accessories

Jul 10, 2018

When the user purchases the valve of the pump valve fitting, the specific use, working condition and operation control mode of the selected valve should be clarified first. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the nature of the valve working medium of the pump valve fittings, including working pressure, working temperature, corrosion performance, whether it contains solid particles, whether the medium is toxic, whether it is flammable, explosive medium, viscosity of the medium, and the like.


Secondly, when purchasing the valve of the pump valve fitting, it is also necessary to take into account the valve fluid characteristics requirements as well as the installation size and dimensions. It also includes additional requirements for the reliability, service life and explosion-proof performance of the valve.


In addition, in the selection process, when the valve of the pump valve fitting is selected reasonably and correctly, it is necessary to understand the internal structure of the valve so that the correct choice of the valve can be made. Moreover, the valve opening and closing member of the pump valve fitting controls the flow pattern of the medium in the pipeline, and the shape of the valve flow passage makes the valve have a certain flow characteristic.