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What are the advantages of separate finishing and roughing

Aug 02, 2018

When the process of determining the parts is carried out, the rough finishing needs to be carried out in stages. It is necessary to finish the roughing of each surface before finishing, and to some extent, do not cross the coarse and fine machining as much as possible. Also, do not carry out roughing on the machine to finish the finishing, which is the separation of coarse and fine machining.

Advantages of separating roughing and finishing

1. Can reduce the effects of thermal deformation. If the machining is in place once, the dimensions and geometrical tolerances of the workpiece will change after cooling and the pattern requirements will not be met.

2. When the workpiece is processed, it is necessary to separate the roughing and finishing. It is also the requirement for the precision protection of the equipment. The machine can be used reasonably, and the deformation and error generated during the roughing can be corrected during the finishing, which is beneficial to improve the machining accuracy.

3. It is also possible to detect crack defects such as cracks and pores early and terminate the processing in time.http://www.pump-casting.com/