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What are the main pneumatic valve accessories

When the pneumatic pump valve is used for hungry, generally speaking, it is necessary to configure some auxiliary parts to perform the performance improvement of the pneumatic valve and improve the use efficiency of the pneumatic valve. In terms of pneumatic pump valve accessories, it will include air filters, reversing solenoid valves, limit switches, and electrical positioners.


And in the pneumatic technology, we actually use the pneumatic pump valve fittings that combine the air filter, the pressure reducing valve and the oil mist device together as the pneumatic triple valve to enter the pneumatic instrument. Air purification and filtration and decompression to the instrument supply rated air supply pressure, equivalent to the function of the power transformer in the circuit.


The valve limit switch in the pneumatic pump valve fitting is mainly a kind of field instrument for controlling the switching state of the pneumatic valve in the control system, and is used to switch the valve open or closed position to the switching amount (contact). Signal output, the remote controller accepts or is a computer search sampling, after the confirmation of the next program. As far as this product is concerned, it will be used as an important valve interlock protection and remote alarm indication in the system. Commonly used valve limit switches will also include mechanical POH-300, explosion-proof POH-300B.


The air filter pressure reducer in the pneumatic pump valve accessories is relatively light and small, and it will be more convenient to install. In view of this, it is directly installed together with pneumatic transmitters, pneumatic regulators, and valve positioners. Supporting the use of. If the air filter and the pressure reducing valve are designed as a whole, they become two pieces.


When the air filter pressure reducer used in the pneumatic pump valve assembly is actually used, the compressed air is subjected to a two-stage three-stage filter to remove impurities such as oil, water, and dust in the compressed air, and the pressure relief valve film is greatly improved. The service life of the tablet and the precision of the pressure adjustment; because the pneumatic pump valve parts have a long service life, the filter element or the decompression element can be repaired separately on the maintenance, and no overall replacement is required, which greatly saves the cost.http://www.pump-casting.com