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What are the maintenance requirements for pump accessories?

Oct 18, 2018

Pump products are widely used, and the pump accessories are also various, and are frequently used in industry, agriculture and daily life. In the long-term use of pump accessories, it is inevitable that due to various factors affect its functional quality, it is extremely important for users to do routine maintenance and maintenance.


The maintenance of pump accessories needs to be carried out in the following ways:


The first is to meet the requirements of the use environment. During storage and use, care should be taken to place the pump fittings in a dry and ventilated room. In addition, the two ends of the valve passages need to be blocked to avoid internal oxidation of the valve and affect the quality of the equipment. The second is to clean regularly and stay hygienic. If the surface is found to have rust, apply an appropriate amount of anti-rust oil to prevent the protection.


In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the quality of the pump parts, such as the sealing performance test, to check the friction and wear between the parts. During the filling, whether there is an outdated failure phenomenon, if it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately.