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What are the more important actuators in the valve assembly?

Important actuators in valve fittings include pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, hydraulic actuators, gas-liquid linkage actuators, electrohydraulic linkage actuators, and manual actuators. For each actuator in the valve assembly, it is actually used The role is not the same. Next, we will specifically talk about the role it plays.


The hydraulic actuator in the valve fitting must pay attention to the fact that the hydraulic actuator itself will also be transformed from hydraulic energy into an important device of mechanical energy, and the main ones will include linear and rotary type. Moreover, when it is actually used, we must pay attention to its relatively high cost, and in terms of this structure, it is also relatively complicated. It is a product with special working conditions and high requirements, and the market general rate is relatively small.


The gas-hydraulic linkage actuator in the valve fitting, on the basis of which the gas-liquid linkage actuator will directly use the pipeline natural gas or nitrogen as the power, and the hydraulic oil as the transmission medium drives the opening and closing of the pipeline valve. The main thing is that it will be used as a multi-functional drive in natural gas, liquefied gas, nitrogen, gas tanks, gas, etc.


The electro-hydraulic linkage actuator used in the valve fittings should pay attention to the electro-hydraulic linkage actuator consisting of the control module and the power module. The intelligent controllable motor can also accept the function command of the control module and control the power module. Line or angular displacement output force distance, pneumatic control of the object, at the same time through its own feedback feedback to complete the adjustment process, to achieve a variety of functional control.


Manual actuators in valve fittings: Manual actuators are manual controls that improve current instability and low air pressure. That is to say, there is no way to control the air pressure and current when there are special conditions or when installing and repairing. When the current and pressure are on, the manual feedback device will also be turned on for quick manual control.http://www.pump-casting.com/