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What do valve fittings mainly include?

Jan 17, 2018

Valve fittings and accessories are mainly developing around the intelligent remote control and multifunctional direction, particularly it’s common to see the improvements of valve accessories on the drive way, both the addition in internal structure.Nowadays, the users of fittings are becoming more and more popular with the users. For the explanation and usage of the valve fittings, we will give a brief introduction today.

Gas-liquid linkage actuator in valve fittings:The gas-liquid linkage actuator takes the pipeline gas or nitrogen as the power, and the hydraulic oil will be opened and closed on the valve of the transmission medium.The attachment is mainly used in natural gas, liquefied gas, nitrogen gas and gas tank, as well as in gas, etc., as a multi-function driving device.

Electrohydraulic linkage actuator in valve fittings:Electrohydraulic linkage actuator mainly includes two parts of the control module and power module, during the operation, intelligent controlled motor commands received from the control module of function, control the power module, line by line or angular displacement output from vigorously, pneumatic control object, by its displacement feedback at the same time, it complete the adjustment process,both implement all kinds of control functions.

Electric actuator in valve fittings:Valve fittings in the common electric actuators include direct stroke, stroke, small, explosion-proof, the structure of valve fittings is relatively complex, high cost, however, because the agency is very stable in performance, opening and closing up also very quickly, especially suitable for application in remote control system.

Manual actuator in valve fittings:Manual actuators is manual control to complete current instability and insufficient air pressure.Special situation of the pressure and the current happens when there is no way to control or installation and maintenance without electric current and pressure, we turn on the manual open feedback device to realize the application of fast manual control of the mechanism parts.http://www.pump-casting.com/