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Why is the chip speed higher than roughing during finishing

The efficiency and quality of finishing are the mainstays of advanced manufacturing technology. The use of its high-speed and high-precision machining technologies can greatly improve efficiency, improve product quality and grade, shorten production cycle and increase market competitiveness.

Finishing will be widely used in the field of aerospace and aerospace industries. The parts that are processed are mostly thin ribs and thin walls. These ribs and walls can be processed only when the high cutting speed and cutting force are small.

Why is the chip speed higher than roughing during finishing?

When roughing, the amount of knife and feed are large, resulting in large cutting heat, if the increase in cutting speed will make the temperature too high, resulting in increased tool wear, precision machining in order to control the precision and finish, the amount of knife and feed The amount is small, the cutting temperature is low, the cutting speed can be increased, and the processing time can be increased. The most important point is that the increase of the cutting speed can avoid the generation of the pricks and the accumulated tumors, thereby improving the processing precision and the finish.

What are the characteristics of finishing and roughing tools?

First, in the strength of the cutting edge, the roughing tool requires better strength than the finishing because the roughing allowance and large impact are also large. Finishing tools on wear resistance (red hardness) are better than roughing. In the sharpening of the tool, the finishing tool requires a very small roughness value in order to obtain a good surface roughness and geometric accuracy on the workpiece.

How to use cutting fluid rationally in finishing machining?

Finishing cutting fluid should be comprehensively considered according to factors such as workpiece materials, tool materials, processing methods and processing requirements, and be reasonably used. The use of high-speed tool steel cutting tool requires cutting fluid, the use of hard alloy cutting tools generally do not use cutting fluid, rough machining, use a good cooling fluid, a good selection of lubricating fluid when finishing.http://www.pump-casting.com/