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High quality non-standard Alloy Steel PrecisionInvestment Castings Products from Lingtong Casting,We have exported Stertil (Holland), LKL(Holland), GE(USA), CAT(USA), RHI(USA), WKM(Japan), UGL(Australia), ABS(Australia), KTH(Australia), Supplylink(Australia),FLOWSERVE(USA),Ruhrpumpen,etc.

Product Details

Alloy Steel PrecisionInvestment Castings Description 

Material: Alloy Steel (35CrMo)

Standard: GB/T3077

Casting process:  precision casting by sodium silicate

Weight: 1.3KG~15KG

Min. wall thickness: 7mm

Heat treatment method: thermal refining

Surface treatments:  shot blasting and polishing

Mechanical property:

Tensile strength: 800MPa

Yield strength: 610MPa

Elongation: 15%

Impact toughness:35J

Tolerance grade: CT8

Application: pump, valve, impeller, power facilities, Construction Tools, Oil and gas system.

Technical Key Points

Ø When cast martensitic stainless steel, before remove the risers, first heat treatment in high temperature and anneal to relieve stress , this process can help prevent crack.

Ø In order to ensure the filling capacity of molten steel, to increase the height of the main risers to improve the riser pressure is particularly important, which is easy to be ignored.


Our Customers

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Company Milestones

2003  Wuxi Lingtong Casting Co.,Ltd. Founded, with main products of sodium silicate silica sand precision casting and sand casting.

2005 Lingtong started to cooperate with LKL located in Netherlands, our products entered EU market.

2010  we purchased 500kg and 750kg medium frequency furnaces to expand our capacity. In the same year, our products was audited by Flowserve Flow Control Co.,Ltd, and began to cooperate formally.

2012.3  our company has passed the ISO quality system registration, and has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

2015.4  our samples provided to Wuxi Hitachi Pump Co., LTD get approval, and start cooperation with them.

2015.6  butterfly valve body produced by Lingtong won the 2015 CIFEX "gold award for for quality casting" , with material WCB.

2017.1  get passed documents and on-site auditing from RUHRPUMPEN (China) Co., LTD and start cooperation.

2017.6  our vertical pump body casting won the award of "Special gold award for quality casting" in 2017 CIFEX.  material is CF3M (316L stainless steel), the pump body was exported to the United States.


1. What is your main casting process?

A: Our casting technologies include sand casing, investment casting, bonded sand casting etc.

2. What is the delivery time of pattern, casting parts and machining finished parts?

A: In general, pattern making time is 20-40 days base on the design of the parts, sample making time is 20-30 days, machining finished parts lead time is 40-60 days. The lead time will vary base one different design and weight of the parts, please contact us for details.

3. Can you guarantee the traceability of your products?

A: Regular products: On-site inspection record and FG Test report will be kept more than 3 years.

Important products: On-site inspection record and FG Test report will be kept more than 5 years , applying processing card system, and make sure one card for each piece, thus to keep each piece of products are traceable.