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A Brief Introduction To The Packaging Force Of The Customized Casting For Mold

Nov 08, 2017

【Summary】The overall or local shrinkage of the customized casting has large packaging force for the mold, or the size distribution of the packaging force is uneven and unreasonable. The customized casting will be deformed, cracked or broken because of the die sticking. In this regard, there will be a die sticking to the stationary mold.

When there is mold unloading, the individual parts of the customized casting for the movable and stationary mold tight force will have a force uneven phenomenon. The part of the casting whose packaging force is large for mold  may be glued to the stationary mold.

When the stationary mold temperature is relatively low or the movable mold temperature is relatively high, the packaging force of the stationary mold will be greater than that of the movable mold.

When the mold discharging agent concentration is low, the demoulding deformation is not good. When the flame plating of the mold discharging agent to the stationary mold is not available, or the amount of the mold discharging agent is insufficient, it will affect the demoulding deformation of the customized casting. During hot mold, if the flame plating of the mold discharging agent to the stationary mold is too much, the temperature of the stationary mold is difficult to quickly increase. After the cooling shrinkage of the casting, the increase of the packaging force on the stationary mold is greater than the movable mold.

During the first part of the die casting production, it is noticed that when press-shooting the hot mold at a low speed, because the mold temperature is relatively low, the fluidity of the die casting alloy liquid will drop relatively fast, and it will lead to incomplete formation of the metal liquid filled in the cavity.