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A Brief Introduction To The Repair And Correction Of The Iron Castings

Nov 09, 2017

【Summary】For the repair and correction of iron castings, first of all, the grinding method should be used to remove any defects. And the dimensions after grinding should conform to the requirements of the dimensional tolerance of iron castings. The deformation of the casting allows the mechanical method to be corrected. Check if there is any crack after correction.

In addition to the other provisions, the casting itself should be repaired by welding. When welding with argon tungsten-arc welding, the welding zone or the maximum depth of welding should meet the requirements. The area of welding is the area after the expansion. The welding zone whose welding area is less than 2cm2 is not allowed to be added to the welding quantity.

For the same area, the welding can’t be more than three times. The spacing of the edge of the welding zone ( including the reversed welding zone ) cannot be less than the sum of the diameter of the two adjacent welding zones.

For castings supplied by heat treatment, the heat treatment should be carried out according to the original state after welding. The welding area of argon arc is less than 2cm2, and the spacing between welding zones cannot be less than 100mm.

The welding zone should not be cracked, layered or non-fusion. The maximum diameter of any welding zone should not be greater than 2 mm and the edge distance should not be less than 10 mm.