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Alloy Steel Castings Should Be How To Rust

Aug 28, 2017

Alloy cast steel in the course of the use of various reasons will inevitably rust phenomenon, not only affect the daily use, but also affect the appearance, then how should we remove the rust it?

1, throwing rust: the use of shot blasting machine wheel blade high-speed rotation, the abrasive scattering to the surface of alloy steel castings, abrasive high-speed fly out, impact and friction alloy steel surface, Rust and scale.

This method is high efficiency, rust quality is good, but also to make the surface of alloy steel castings to obtain a certain degree of roughness to facilitate the adhesion of the film, low labor intensity, lighter pollution to the environment, the production plant should give priority to this method The

2, jet rust: the use of oil and water separation of compressed air from the nozzle from the nozzle high-speed jet, compressed air pressure is generally Zhang 4-0.6MPa, the use of pressure with high-speed mushroom material and alloy steel When the friction and shock, to remove the scale and rust.

This method does not need a fixed location, high efficiency, jet point flexibility, no dead ends, in addition to good pod quality, while the alloy cast steel surface to obtain a certain degree of roughness, to facilitate the film attached, generally should use this Method.