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Brembo (Italy) Will Build A New Cast Iron Plant In Mexico

BremboS.p.A, manufacturer of automotive brakes, conducted its first successful casting at a new iron foundry in Escobedo, Mexico, to check the capabilities of the new manufacturing system before mass production. It is reported that the smelting furnace and modeling line will run according to the pouring test as expected.


At the start of production, the new 24,991 m2 plant will produce a cast iron rotor that will be machined at a nearby disc processing plant.


The cast iron mill locate near an aluminum foundry built in 2016 in Escobedo, which produces car brake calipers.


According to Brehbo, the capital investment for the entire complex was 131 million U.S. dollars and the plant employs 700 people.


Following last year's plant in Homer, MI, Michigan, the new plant in Mexico was Brerell's second ironworks in the Free Trade Area. This is also Brembo's ninth foundry in the global manufacturing network.


"The first successful casting in Mexico was the result of the joint efforts of our strong North American team, our casting experts around the world, and new employees in Mexico," commented Matteo Tiraboschi, Executive Vice President.


The two Mexican foundries will supply original equipment manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Asia that make cars in Mexico. http://www.pump-casting.com/