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Briefly Introduce The Operation And Practical Process Of The Customized Castings

When casting customized castings, through the molten metal liquid pouring into the mold, after cooling solidification will obtain the parts with desired shape and performance. The design of customized casting process has great influence on the quality of casting products. The choice of gating system can not be ignored.

The common manufacturing method used in customized casting is low in manufacturing cost and high in flexibility, and large castings with complex shapes can be obtained. Mechanical manufacturing also can occupy a larger proportion. Machine tools account for 60 ~ 80 %, automobile accounts for 25 % and the tractor accounts for 50 ~ 60 %.

The compensation system of the customized casting processing technology has a reasonable design for the flash groove and subsidies, which can compensate for the casting in the solidification process of liquid and solidification state of the body contraction, to obtain a more perfect casting.

The air outlet is used to discharge the gas in the mould cavity, improve the filling capacity of the metal liquid, eliminate the supercooled metal liquid and scum which are filled into the mould cavity first, and also serve as a sign for observing whether the mould cavity is filled or not.

At present, the requirements of casting quality, casting precision, casting cost and casting automation are greatly improved when casting the customized casting. The casting technology of customized castings is also developing in the direction of precision, large-scale, high quality, automation and cleaning. Development is relatively rapid.http://www.pump-casting.com/