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Causes And Solutions Of Melting Problem Of Alloy Steel Castings

Aug 28, 2017

In order to improve the quality of alloy steel castings and extend the service life, sometimes by improving its temperature to improve, but since the same time prone to melt through the problem, the specific reasons and what is the solution?

1. Dissolution reasons: the temperature is too high there will be alloy steel casting melt through the problem. The higher the adiabatic temperature, the thinner the pipe wall, the prone to melt penetration problem, the aluminum heat agent filling density of 1.3g / cm, with or without adding inert additives when the thickness of 5mm occurred in the melting. System temperature is too high is the root cause of melting.

2. Solution:

Reduce the adiabatic temperature, increase the wall thickness can avoid melting problems.

Control the preheating temperature or the thickness of the alloy steel castings, can be avoided by the penetration.