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Characteristics And Related Characteristics Of Isothermal Quenching Nodular Metal Customized Castings

Isothermal quenching ductile iron is to make perfect nodular metal customized castings undergo the related isothermal heat treatment, so as to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties.

Alloy elements have important effects on the mechanical properties of metals, but not on ADI. The purpose of isothermal quenching is to use heat treatment technology to change the matrix structure of metal customized  casting, improve mechanical properties and save alloy elements.

The original matrix structure of the metal has no effect on the mechanical properties of the equiaxed metal, but has an effect on the deformation. Since the amount of deformation of the cast metal is different from that of the pearlite, the linear growth of the cast metal is a function of the matrix structure and isothermal temperature.

In order to improve the service life and control the deformation of the machining tool, 100 % ferrite is obtained by annealing the customized metal casting during the production of ADI bridge wheel gear. The test shows that the heat preservation for 15 minutes after heat penetration of the sample is sufficient to completely austenitize the matrix.

The influence of nodularity rate and nodule number on dynamic mechanical properties such as ADI impact or fatigue is great. The higher the strength is, the more significant the impact will be. Because of this, the requirements of nodularity rate and nodule number of metal customized castings are higher than those of ordinary ductile iron, and the nodularity rate is more than 90 %.http://www.pump-casting.com/