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Characteristics Of Heat Treatment Of Stainless Steel Castings

Want a better use of a product you need to have a comprehensive understanding of it, stainless steel casting is the same, then we are introduced to the characteristics of stainless steel casting heat treatment, we can seriously read about the understanding and use of products will help The

(1) solution before treatment, it is best to slowly preheat to 650 degrees Celsius, and then quickly warming. Castings can also be high temperature furnace

(2) solution temperature is generally I020 ~ 1060 degrees Celsius, holding time per 25mm wall thickness lh calculation. Solid solution temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will be due to overheating the Ms point of steel to reduce the increase in steel retained austenite, reducing the strength of the casting. The complex shape of the casting, the solution temperature can be reduced to 927 degrees Celsius.

(3) In order to eliminate the unevenness of the dendritic structure and the segregation of the components present in the steel castings (especially the thick pieces), it is preferable to perform the high temperature homogenization treatment before the solid solution. Homogenization of the temperature of l000 ~ 1150 degrees Celsius, holding time depends on the casting wall thickness. Listed as different casting performance requirements of the aging treatment specifications.

(4) In order to improve the mechanical properties of precipitated hardened stainless steel, the cutting performance was improved by 700 ~ 810 ° C × 2h air cooling after 620 ℃ and 4 ℃ air cooling.