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Common Alloy Cast Steel Casting Process

Aug 28, 2017

Alloy cast steel production and processing period, if the casting work, can greatly save the metal raw materials, the process probably includes the following.

1, hot type gravity casting

This is the most widely used form of pouring, that is, the shell is removed from the roaster and then subjected to pouring at high temperatures. At this time the metal in the shell cooling slower, can be filled in the case of high liquidity, so casting can be a good copy of the cavity shape, improve the accuracy of alloy steel castings. But slow cooling in the hot type will make the grain coarse, which reduces the mechanical properties. In the pouring, the slow cooling surface is also easy to oxidize and decarburize, thereby reducing the surface hardness, finish and dimensional accuracy.

2, under the pressure of crystallization

The shell will be placed in the pressure tank for pouring, after the end of the closure of the pressure tank immediately, to the tank through the high pressure air or inert gas, the alloy steel castings under pressure to solidify to increase the density.

3, vacuum suction pouring

The shell is placed in a vacuum pouring box and the gas in the cavity is sucked through the tiny pores in the shell so that the liquid metal can fill the cavity better, replicate the shape of the cavity, improve the precision of the casting, prevent the stomata, Lack of defects.