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How To Cool The Alloy Steel Castings

Aug 28, 2017

There are some alloy steel castings with no holes through the workpiece, castings and welding parts and processing of stainless steel parts, generally not in the salt bath furnace heating, so we need to cool it, the following for everyone to explain how the alloy Steel castings for cooling:

1, alloy steel castings air cooling, should be scattered in the dry place;

2, the workpiece quenching should be timely tempering, the time interval should generally not exceed 4h, the workpiece alloy steel castings carbon content (carbon mass fraction) is low, the workpiece shape is simple, should not exceed 16h;

3, cold to room temperature before cleaning, cryogenic treatment or tempering;

4, alloy steel casting composition of the welding assembly, welding and subsequent heat treatment between the time interval should not exceed 4h.

Alloy steel castings for cooling, we also according to the requirements of the workpiece and the surface condition using alkaline washing, water-soluble cleaning agent, chlorine solvent blasting, shot peening and other methods of alloy steel casting cleaning, to ensure better play a cooling effect.